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          1. Join our Affiliate Scheme


            Earn outstanding commissions as a Quotezone affiliate

            Join 400+ affiliates in partnering with us to provide a range of insurance, financial and energy comparison tools to your website visitors and earn fantasic commissions. Simply display our banners and affiliate links on your site to introduce the traffic to our Quotezone.co.uk brand and start earning today.

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            Vehicle Insurance

            Business Vehicle Insurance

            Property Insurance

            Leisure Insurance

            Business Insurance

            Financial Leads

            Why work with us?

            Whether you own a high quality niche website and plan to sign up for a single, highly targeted financial affiliate solutions, or you have a large media, networking or forum website and would like to introduce a wide range of consumers or small businesses to Quotezone.co.uk or CompareNI.com, Seopa’s range of affiliate solutions are tailor-made to meet your needs.

            Industry Experts

            Seopa developed one of UK’s first technology-driven price comparison platforms, and we have been perfecting, enhancing and optimising our price comparison software since 2005.

            Fully compliant comparison platforms

            Compliance is a major consideration for the price comparison industry. Seopa is authorised and regulated by the FCA for financial services, accredited by Ofgem for energy price comparison, and ISO 27001 certified for data handling and data security.

            Trusted brands

            Quotezone.co.uk is one of the UK’s leading price comparison platforms and generates over 2 million quotes for users each year, while CompareNI.com is Northern Ireland’s number one price comparison platform.

            Responsive and mobile-friendly design

            Whether your website visitors tend to use mobile or desktop devices, all of our price comparison platforms are fully responsive, mobile-friendly and easy to use on any device and browser, so you won’t lose out on commission due to poor user experience.

            Unrivalled product offering

            With over 70 affiliate solutions to choose from, Seopa offers our affiliate partners an unrivalled range of opportunities to monetise their website traffic and generate new revenue streams.

            High conversion rates

            Seopa’s team have a strong focus on customer journey optimisation and conversion rate optimisation, meaning each of our price comparison platforms has impressively high conversion rates.

            Excellent commission rates

            As an independent, privately-owned company we don’t have shareholders or investors pushing us to improve our margins each quarter, which means we can afford to offer our affiliate partners truly excellent commission rates.

            Prompt payments by BACS

            As an affiliate, you'll receive prompt payment for all transactions initiated through your banner advertisements or links.

            Reliable and accurate affiliate tracking

            All of our affiliates have access to highly reliable and accurate affiliate tracking tools, meaning your referral traffic, clickthrough rates, conversion rates and commission will all be reliably tracked and accurately recorded.

            Personable business relationship

            Here at Seopa, in line with our core values, the team prides itself in providing an efficient and open service. As well as having access to real-time tracking, should you require assistance, our Account Management team are on hand to help and answer any queries along the way.

            Becoming an affiliate partner: how it works


            Select your affiliate solution

            You select which of our affiliate solutions you would like to use


            Get tracking codes

            We create unique affiliate tracking codes that will reliably and accurately track your referrals


            Introduce your website users to us

            Simply add your affiliate tracking codes to your website


            Earn commission

            You earn commission each time one of your referrals makes a purchase through our comparison site

            Becoming an affiliate partner: how it works

            Work with us

            If you're interested in using our affiliate solutions, or simply have some questions to ask about our service, you can get in touch by filling in this short form.

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